Introducing the new Ai UL/CSA certified AccuTemp 1.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens, this certification is required by many municipalities, and it also provides a higher standard of equipment safety and lifespan. Also come standard is the secondary over-temp  protection dial, all stainless steel tubing/compression fittings, stainless steel vacuum/vent valve, oil-filled vacuum gauge, 5 sided pad heating technology and two year warranty. The thermal-conductive aluminum shelves provide excellent temperature uniformity inside the chamber, while our 3rd gen LCD low proportional gain temperature controllers keep your oven temperature within +/- 1°F accuracy, in either °F or °C.

AccuTemp-19 series digital desktop vacuum ovens feature a 1.9 cubic foot easy-to-clean stainless steel chamber with a large dual-layer tempered glass safety window and small footprint. These ovens can greatly reduce drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber.

Every one of our vacuum ovens goes through a 2-time 24-hour vacuum leak test, and is 100% quality controlled in New Jersey or Nevada before leaving our facilities.

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Product Description


  • Certified system gas recovery pump
  • Positive displacement LP-Gas extraction pump
  • Electric powered double diaphragm gas compressor
  • Designed especially for LP-Gas vapor recovery
  • Will also pull deep vacuum in chambers
  • Ideal for butane and butane/propane mix vapor recovery processes
  • Recovers 100% propane vapor when used with recovery tank cooling
  • Can pull vacuum back through the pump when evacuating a system
  • Passes liquid condensation without damage
  • Explosion-proof motor rated for C1D1 areas
  • Three-phase and single-phase models available
  • Continuous 100% duty cycle – run 24/7
  • No air compressor needed
  • Patented pump drive technology
  • No rotating or moving seals
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Can stall under pressure without damage
  • Can start against full load and pressure
  • No driving air used; cannot leak air into the system
  • Maximum pumping pressure output is adjustable


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